Employee Safety & Satisfaction

We are very serious about our responsibilities towards our employees and the society as a whole. To stay on top of our duties within the facility,

we follow the following common practices:

1. Minimum satisfactory wages
2. Voluntary overtime facility
3. Holiday and leave facility
4. Hygiene and sanitation facility
5. First aid facility
6. Accident compensation benefit
7. Sufficient ventilation and air filtration system to control excess heat, dust & humidity
8. Proper health and safety measures through PPE (personal protective equipment)
9. Contributory provident fund
10. Canteen facility

Besides, to ensure safety in case of emergency, our factory floors are designed for easy exit and evacuation. Evacuation drills are performed by the workers in a regular basis. We have sufficient fire protection measures around the factory premises.


Contact Information

Akram Center(5th Floor), 212,
Shahid Sayed Nazrul Islam Sarani,
Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1000

+88 09 606 900 900

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